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Current, voltage, power, and motion sensors

Measure current, voltage, power, and motion using single- and three-phase electrical sensors.

Simscape Blocks

AccelerometerBehavioral model of MEMS accelerometer
Current SensorCurrent sensor in electrical systems
Current Sensor (Three-Phase)Ideal three-phase current measurement
Current and Voltage Sensor (Three-Phase)Ideal three-phase current and voltage sensor
GyroBehavioral model of MEMS gyro
Line Voltage Sensor (Three-Phase)Ideal three-phase line voltage measurement
Phase Voltage Sensor (Three-Phase)Ideal three-phase phase voltage measurement
Power SensorIdeal instantaneous or cycle-average power measurement
Power Sensor (Three-Phase)Three-phase ideal active and reactive power sensor (Since R2020b)
Proximity SensorIdeal behavioral model of simple distance sensor
PS SensorGeneric linear transducer with electrical output
Voltage SensorVoltage sensor in electrical systems