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Inductors, tap changing transformer, two- and three-winding transformers

Increase or decrease AC voltages using transformers. Regulate voltage by varying the turns ratio using a tap-changing transformer.

Simscape Blocks

Center-Tapped TransformerSingle-phase center-tapped transformer (Since R2023b)
Earthing TransformerThree-phase earthing transformer in zigzag configuration
Mutual InductorMutual inductor model with nominal inductance optional tolerances for each winding, operating limits and faults
Nonlinear TransformerTransformer with nonideal core
Phase-Shifting Transformer18-pulse or 24-pulse phase-shifting transformer (Since R2024a)
Tap-Changing TransformerSingle-phase tap-changing transformer
Three-Winding Mutual InductorThree coupled inductors
Three-Winding Nonlinear TransformerSingle-phase nonlinear three-winding transformer (Since R2019b)
Three-Winding Transformer (Three-Phase)Three-phase linear nonideal wye- and delta-configurable three-winding transformer with saturation capability
Two-Winding Transformer (Three-Phase)Three-phase linear nonideal wye- and delta-configurable two-winding transformer with saturation capability
Zigzag-Delta-Wye TransformerLinear, non-ideal zigzag-delta-wye transformer with three-limb core with saturation capability (Since R2019b)