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HEV PMSM Drive Test Harness

This example shows a test harness for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) drive sized for use in a typical hybrid vehicle. The test harness can be used to determine overall drive losses when operating at a given speed and torque. Tabulated losses information from this test harness can then be used by the Simscape™ Electrical™ Motor & Drive (System Level) block for rapid simulation of complete drive cycles whilst still accurately predicting overall system efficiency.


Three-Phase Inverter Subsystem

Simulation Results from Scopes and Simscape Logging

The first plot below shows the result from Spectrum Analyzer. Second plot shows measured and commanded rotor speed. The winding currents are also plotted, which explains the high frequency ripple in the motor speed.

The table below shows the power dissipated by individual components in the PMSMDrive model. These totals were calculated from simulation results using logged Simscape variables and the losses calculation utility ee_getPowerLossSummary. The total output power in the load, as well as the losses are shown.

Efficiency = 86.0071% when speed = 1400rpm and torque = 200Nm
Losses in watts by component are as follows:
                                LoggingNode                                 Power 
    ____________________________________________________________________    ______

    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.FEM_Parameterized_PMSM'                  }    3604.8
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.Switch3.IGBT'       }     155.4
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.Switch2.IGBT'       }     154.3
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.Switch5.IGBT'       }     152.1
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.Switch6.IGBT'       }     151.3
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.Switch4.IGBT'       }       149
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.Switch1.IGBT'       }     139.5
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.D2'                 }      23.4
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.D4'                 }      21.5
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.D1'                 }      21.2
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.D6'                 }      20.9
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.D5'                 }      20.6
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.D3'                 }      19.5
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.C0'                 }      11.1
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.R'                                       }       4.3
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.Switch5.Gate_Driver'}       0.9
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.Switch2.Gate_Driver'}       0.9
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.Switch1.Gate_Driver'}       0.8
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.Switch6.Gate_Driver'}       0.7
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.Switch4.Gate_Driver'}       0.6
    {'HEVPMSMDriveTestHarness.Three_Phase_Inverter.Switch3.Gate_Driver'}       0.4