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Configure Server to Use MATLAB Runtime

If you did not configure the MATLAB® Web App Server™ to use a version of MATLAB Runtime during the setup process, you can do so using the webapps-runtime command. However, before configuring the server to use a version of MATLAB Runtime, verify that you have one installed.


MATLAB Runtime starting from R2019b up until the most recent release is supported. You can use multiple versions of the MATLAB Runtime with the server, but you cannot use a version that is newer than the version of the server you are using.

Install MATLAB Runtime

  1. Download the MATLAB Runtime installer from the MathWorks® website or the MATLAB desktop.

    MathWorks Website

    Select the appropriate platform and release-specific installer from:

    MATLAB Desktop

    At the MATLAB command prompt, type: (MATLAB Compiler)

  2. Install MATLAB Runtime using the installer. For installation instructions, see Install and Configure MATLAB Runtime (MATLAB Compiler).

Configure the Server

To configure the server to use a version of MATLAB Runtime:

  1. Navigate to the command-line scripts folder.

    Operating SystemDefault Location of Command-Line Scripts

    Windows® (Administrator)

    C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Web App Server\R2023a\script

    Linux® (sudo)


    macOS (sudo)


  2. Execute the webapps-runtime command with the add option and a path to the MATLAB Runtime installation.

    webapps-runtime add <Path to MATLAB Runtime installation>

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