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802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)

Receive 802.11ax™ (HE) waveforms

Model HE-related signal reception functionality.


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wlanPacketDetectEstimate timing offset of OFDM packet
wlanFormatDetectDetect packet format
wlanSymbolTimingEstimateFine symbol timing estimate using L-LTF
wlanCoarseCFOEstimatePerform coarse CFO estimation
wlanFineCFOEstimatePerform fine CFO estimation
wlanSampleRateNominal sample rate
wlanHETrackPilotErrorTrack errors using pilot subcarriers of HE waveform (Since R2022a)
channelDelayChannel timing delay (Since R2020a)
frequencyOffsetApply frequency offset to input signal (Since R2022a)
comm.PhaseFrequencyOffsetApply phase and frequency offsets to input signal
wlanLLTFChannelEstimateChannel estimation using L-LTF
wlanLLTFNoiseEstimateNoise estimation using L-LTF and S1G-LTF1 (Since R2023a)
wlanHELTFChannelEstimateChannel estimation using HE-LTF (Since R2022b)
wlanPreHEChannelEstimateChannel estimation using pre-HE fields (Since R2022b)
wlanHEDataNoiseEstimateNoise estimation using HE-Data field (Since R2023b)
wlanFieldIndicesGenerate PPDU field indices
wlanHEDemodulateDemodulate fields of HE waveform
wlanHEOFDMInfoOFDM information for HE transmission
wlanHEEqualizeEqualize demodulated HE field symbols (Since R2023b)
wlanLLTFDemodulateDemodulate L-LTF waveform
wlanFieldIndicesGenerate PPDU field indices
wlanHESIGABitRecoverRecover information bits in HE-SIG-A field
wlanHESIGBCommonBitRecoverRecover common field bits in HE-SIG-B field (Since R2019b)
wlanHESIGBUserBitRecoverRecover user field bits in HE-SIG-B field (Since R2019b)
wlanHETBNDPFeedbackStatusRecover feedback status from HE TB feedback NDP (Since R2021a)
wlanHEDataBitRecoverRecover bits from HE-Data field
wlanHERecoveryConfigStore parameters recovered from HE transmission
interpretHESIGABitsUpdate transmission parameters with HE-SIG-A field bits
interpretHESIGBCommonBitsUpdate HE MU transmission parameters with HE-SIG-B common field bits (Since R2020b)
interpretHESIGBUserBitsUpdate HE MU transmission parameters with HE-SIG-B user field bits (Since R2020b)
wlanScrambleScramble and descramble binary input sequence
wlanConstellationDemapConstellation demapping
wlanStreamDeparseStream-deparse spatial streams
wlanBCCDecodeConvolutionally decode input data
wlanAMPDUDeaggregateDeaggregate A-MPDU and extract MPDUs
wlanMPDUDecodeDecode MPDU
displayIEsDisplay list of IEs in MAC management frame

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