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Get Started with WLAN Toolbox

Simulate, analyze, and test WLAN communications systems

WLAN Toolbox™ provides standards-compliant functions for the design, simulation, analysis, and testing of wireless LAN communications systems. It includes configurable physical layer waveforms for the IEEE® 802.11™ family of standards. It also provides transmitter, channel modeling, and receiver operations, including channel coding, modulation, spatial stream mapping, and MIMO receivers.

The toolbox provides reference designs to help you perform baseband link-level simulations and multi-node system-level simulations. You can generate waveforms and customize test benches, either programmatically or interactively, using the Wireless Waveform Generator app. You can generate and parse common MAC frames. You can also perform signal measurements such as channel power, spectrum mask, and occupied bandwidth, and create test benches for the end-to-end simulation of WLAN communications links.

You can study the effects of RF designs and interference on system performance. Using WLAN Toolbox with RF instruments or hardware support packages, you can connect your transmitter and receiver models to radio devices and verify your designs via over-the-air transmission and reception.


About WLAN

  • What Is WLAN?

    Describes WLAN for the benefit of the new user. Also indicates scope of coverage for WLAN Toolbox.

  • WLAN PPDU Structure

    Describes the WLAN PPDUs you can model by using WLAN Toolbox.

  • WLAN MAC Frame Structure

    Describes WLAN MAC protocol, general MAC frame structure, and types of MAC frame you can generate with WLAN Toolbox.