How can I insert a title over a group of subplots?

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I would like to place a title over a group of subplots.  How can I do this?


MathWorks Support Team
编辑:MathWorks Support Team 2022-8-3
Starting in R2019b, you can use the tiledlayout and nexttile functions to create a configurable tiling of plots. The configuration options include: 
  • Control over the spacing between the plots and around the edges of the layout 
  • An option for a shared title at the top of the layout 
  • Options for shared x- and y-axis labels 
  • An option to control whether the tiling has a fixed size or variable size that can reflow 
An example of 'tiledlayout' used to create a 2x2 group of subplots is written below:
tcl = tiledlayout(2,2);
title('First Subplot')
title('Second Subplot')
title('Third Subplot')
title('Fourth Subplot')
title(tcl,'Subplot Grid Title')
For more information, see Combine Multiple Plots
Starting in R2018b, you can use the 'sgtitle' function to add a title to a group of subplots. For example: 
title('First Subplot') 
title('Second Subplot') 
title('Third Subplot') 
title('Fourth Subplot') 
sgtitle('Subplot Grid Title') 
For more information on the 'sgtitle' function, see
In previous releases (before R2018b), you can create the appearance of a super title by creating the subplots in a panel and adding a title to the panel. For an example, see: 
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Mirza Faizaan
Mirza Faizaan 2021-9-27
sgtitle works fine and shows the title in the output window. However, the sgtitle is omitted when figure is opened as a window. Any idea how to fix this?


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jcjaimes 2016-12-15
Suptitle does the job
subplot(2,2,1); plot(sin(x))
subplot(2,2,2); plot(cos(x))
subplot(2,2,3); plot(cos(x.^2))
subplot(2,2,4); plot(sin(x.^2))
suptitle('I am a super title')
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Arindam Chattaraj
Arindam Chattaraj 2023-4-25
@jcjaimes thanks man, it worked for me, but shriked the height and width of each subplot. Any option to resize them ?


Paul Huxel
Paul Huxel 2018-10-9
Starting in R2018b, you can use sgtitle to add a title to subplot grids:

Jonathan Beard
Jonathan Beard 2017-5-9
Here's a solution that doesn't require additional functions.
subplot(2, 1, 1);
plot(nan, nan);
subplot(2, 1, 2);
plot(nan, nan);
currentFigure = gcf;
title(currentFigure.Children(end), 'blah');
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sgtitile() function you cane used it provide in 2018 verison of matlab


Anders Bertelsen
Anders Bertelsen 2017-9-13
编辑:Stephen23 2017-9-13
subplot(1, 2, 1);
plot(nan, nan);
subplot(1, 2, 2);
plot(nan, nan);
ha = axes('Position',[0 0 1 1],'Xlim',[0 1],'Ylim',[0 1],'Box','off','Visible','off','Units','normalized', 'clipping' , 'off');
text(0.5, 0.98,'Title')
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2019-5-11
There are multiple possibilities. The ones I can think of off-hand include:
  • create an axes for each of the images, and an axes for each of the titles above and each of the titles to the side. Using subplot() for this purpose is not great, as you do not want the axes to all be the same size. Each axes could been panned, scrolled, zoomed, or data cursored individiually.
  • create the top left axes with room for title and ylabel and an image. Create 3 axes below that with room for ylabel and an image. Create top right axes with room for title and image. Create three axes below that with room for an image. Using subplot() for this purpose is not great, as you do not want the axes to all be the same size. Each axes could been panned, scrolled, zoomed, or data cursored individiually.
  • create a 4 x 2 array of axes the same size, all large enough to accomodate title and ylabel. Then carefully "tuck" the axes in so only the wanted parts show. Using subplot() for this might not be bad, but you will need to move the axes carefully. Each axes could been panned, scrolled, zoomed, or data cursored individiually.
  • Use montage or similar to create a 4 x 2 image array and display it in an axes that you put appropriate text labels on. It would not be possible to scroll or pan or zoom the images individually, and you would need extra work to data cursor them individually. On the other hand, a single movable graphics cursor covering multiple images would become easier than in the other approaches mentioned above


Bradley Stiritz
Bradley Stiritz 2018-9-9
>Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 26 Apr 2010
>It is not possible to put a title over a group of subplots in MATLAB..
With respect, this is not a helpful comment, as it's apparently not true. It is possible, just not with built-in core Matlab functionality. Most people will hopefully continue reading the thread, and learn about the workarounds. Still, it's not an encouraging or precise statement to begin the group discussion, IMHO.
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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre 2018-10-25
FYI: suptitle is only available to those who have the Bioinformatics toolbox, and then it was included in a demo file and is not an actual MathWorks maintained function.
However, as Paul Huxel points out, there is now (r2018b) a function in base MATLAB for this. It is called sgtitle.


Eric Sargent
Eric Sargent 2020-12-9
编辑:Eric Sargent 2020-12-9
Starting in R2019b, you can also use tiledlayout and nexttile instead of subplot, which has shared titles and labels. You can use the title, xlabel, and ylabel commands directly with tiledlayouts:
Alternatively, starting in R2018b, the sgtitle function will add a title over a group of subplots.
tl = tiledlayout(3,3);
for i = 1:9
title(tl,'Layout Title');
xlabel(tl,'Layout XLabel');
ylabel(tl,'Layout YLabel');

Tahariet Sharon
Tahariet Sharon 2021-5-25
How would you insert multiple lines? \n won't work.
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Dan 2017-10-31
Thanks! This works great. I set did >set(h,'Position',[.5 1.05 .5]) to get place the supertitle above the titles of my subplots.

JB 2019-7-4
A great big thank you to the writer of mtit! That worked great for me, being someone who is between 2018 and the version I originally wrote my code in where my title for the subplot was centered without having to do anything extra.

Gouater Loic
Gouater Loic 2020-10-6
This video clearly explains that


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