Deleting files from MatLab cloud?

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Stephen 2013-11-4
评论: Stephen ,2013-11-8
How do I get rid of files I no longer need to keep on my MatLab cloud?

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Yatin 2013-11-4
Hello Stephen,
Please have a look at the link below. It seems to me that you need to access your cloud account from a smartphone to delete the files.
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Stephen 2013-11-4
Tnx for rapid response, Yatin. I'm a newbie at this and just can't seem to get my iPad MatLab app to see any of the files I uploaded from MatLab on my desktop. I have an active account. I can use my cloud to upload/download files to/from my desktop MatLab--no problem. But MatLab app on iPad sees nada. I confirmed I'm connected to the MathWorks Cloud (Settings -> Connect to MathWorks Cloud, is checked). All I get is a blank command window space on one half of iPad (under the MatLab Mobile logo) and an empty box on right labeled "Figures". No other tools. No files visible. No screens. No "current folder" window. I can't even see a listing of the cloud files on my iPad. When I type in the name of one of the files I want to delete as instructed on the webpage you recommended, I get error mssg: "Warning: File "<name>" not found."
Any other suggestions?


Yatin 2013-11-8
编辑:Yatin 2013-11-8
Hey Stephen,
Have you downloaded the MATLAB connector for connecting to the cloud? I think you need the connector in order to connect. Also please have a look at the link below for additional information on how to go about setting up your account correctly on the cloud.
Hope this helps. Let me know if you still face any issues.
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Stephen 2013-11-8
Tnx again, but nope...still doesn't work. Sorry. Instructions on website above are not at all helpful. I tried entering "connector on" on my iPad MatLab app, even though that is not stated anywhere on the MathWorks instructions. (The instructions refer to entering this on your computer MatLab, not the mobile MatLab). Nonetheless, I got back a mssg to the effect of "DNS name:yada yada yada" but still nothing showing (i.e. stored files on cloud). Settings tool on iPad MatLab app "Connect to MathWorks Cloud" is checked, indicating that I am indeed connected to the cloud.
Has ANYONE ever go the iPad MatLab app to work? Are there comprehensible and complete instructions anywhere for MatLab on the iPad?
Very frustrating. Now I have files on the MatLab cloud that can only be removed by a mobile MatLab app. Yet, the mobile MatLab app is dysfunctional.



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