How to delete files on the MatLab cloud?

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I understand that to delete files from the MatLab cloud requires accessing the cloud account from a smartphone or iPad (see Yatin's answ to my question on Nov 4). However, on the MatLab app (iPad) I can't see any of the files I uploaded from my desktop MatLab.
I can upload/download files to/from my desktop MatLab to the cloud--no problem. But MatLab app on iPad is blank. I confirmed my iPad is connected to the MathWorks Cloud (Settings -> Connect to MathWorks Cloud, is checked). All I get is an empty command window and an empty window labeled "Figures". No tools. No files visible. No screens. I can't even see a listing of the cloud files on my iPad. When I type in the name of one of the files I want to delete as instructed on the MatLab help webpage, I get an error mssg: "Warning: File name not found."
Any suggestions?

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Help CenterFile Exchange 中查找有关 Licensing on Cloud Platforms 的更多信息

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