How can I install MATLAB or other MathWorks products on an offline machine?

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I need to install MATLAB on a machine which cannot connect to the internet. How can I do this?


MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team 2023-5-12,4:00
编辑:MathWorks Support Team 2023-5-12,19:21
Install MathWorks Products on a Computer without an Internet Connection
You will need a computer which has an internet connection to obtain these items for the offline computer that you want to install MATLAB on:
  1. File Installation Key (FIK)
  2. License file
  3. Offline installation files


Step 1. Download the Offline Installation Files on a computer with an unrestricted internet connection
"Offline Installation Files" refers to either the "ISO" which contains all products, or "Download-only" files which contain a specific subset of products.
Only License Administrators on licenses that are not Student nor Home licenses can download the ISO. How do I mount the ISO?
License End Users should use the MATLAB installer to obtain download-only files instead. Note that this will work for any End User with download privileges for R2020a and newer. Non-License Administrators, Student licenses, and any user on a Home licenses will not have this option for R2014a-R2019b.
  1. Download the installer from for the release you want.
  2. Run the installer, then sign in to your MathWorks Account and accept the license agreement.
  3. Using the Advanced Options dropdown menu, select “I want to download without installing”.
  • Confirm the destination folder. Make note of the folder it is selecting, since you will need to run the newly created installer from this folder later on.
  • Next, select the platform of the offline computer: Windows, Linux, or macOS.
  • Select each product which you want to install then click “Begin Download”.
  • Concurrent and Network Named User licenses only:
    Skip steps 2 and 3 below, the person(s) maintaining the Network License Manager must provide you with a license.dat/network.lic file and File Installation Key instead. See: Who is my License Administrator?
    If you are a License Administrator and are looking for your File Installation Key, see:Where can I find the Activation Key and File Installation Key (FIK) for my license?
    Step 2. Retrieve the Volume Serial Number/MAC Address and Login Name of the Offline Computer.
    1. Open Windows Command Prompt. You can accomplish this by opening the Windows Start Menu, typing in "Command Prompt" and opening the first result.
    2. Enter vol c: and then press Enter on keyboard to get the Volume Serial Number.
    3. Enter echo %username% to get the computer login name.
    1. To get the MAC address, open Terminal and enter ifconfig en0 | grep ether.
    2. Enter whoami  to get the computer login name.
    1. To get the MAC Address, open a Bash shell and enter ip addr | grep ether to obtain a MAC address.
    2. Enter whoami  to get the computer login name.
    Step 3. Activate the Offline Computer to retrieve the File Installation Key (FIK) and the License File.
    Individual and Designated Computer licenses:
    1. Navigate to the License Center and login with your MathWorks account.
    2. Click the license number, then “Install and Activate”, then “Activate a Computer”.
    3. Paste the MAC address from Step 1 in the “Host ID” field, then paste the username in the “Computer Login Name” field and click continue.
    4. Download the license.lic file and take note of the FIK.
    Step 4. Transfer all 3 prerequisites to offline computer: Offline Installation Files, License File and FIK.
    Install Procedure on the Offline/Destination Computer
    Step 1. Run the Installer from the Offline Installation files that you downloaded from Step 1. If you downloaded the ISO, run the installer from there. If you used the download-only option from the original installer, make sure that you run the newly created offline installer. This is typically located in your Downloads folder in a sub-folder called "MathWorks".
    The installer file for the target platform is in the root of the offline installation files folder:
    • Windows— setup.exe
    • Linux—install
    • macOS—InstallForMacOSX
    Step 2. Use the “Advanced Options” dropdown menu.
    • Select, "I have a File Installation Key".
    Step 3. Agree to the license agreement. 
    Step 4. Enter File Installation Key. 
    Step 5. Click “Browse” to select the License File. 
    Step 6. Select Destination Folder. 
    • Accept the default installation folder or click Browse to select a different one.
    Step 7. Select Products
    • The Product Selection list shows all the products associated with the File Installation Key you specified. Check the box next to each product you want to install.
    Step 8. Shortcut Options
    • Windows — You can add shortcuts for MATLAB in the Start Menu and on the Desktop.
    • Linux — You can choose to create a symbolic link to run MATLAB from any directory.
    Step 9. Confirm Selections and Begin Installation
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    dd 2019-4-5
    I have wasted one week , just for install matlab on linux .
    I have tried ALL ALL ALL methods answered here, but it is still could installed in linux ???
    why ?
    why ??!!!
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    Walter Roberson
    Walter Roberson 2020-9-3
    Jack: what would you propose that would permit Mathworks to distinguish between "paying customers -- like us" and those who are not in fact paying customers and are instead trying to run MATLAB for free without a license?
    Mathworks has a continued problem with people wanting to pirate their software. It is considered a truism in the software industry that every license validation mechanism must end up inconveniencing legitimate users.
    Literally the only way that I have ever heard of to prevent license validation problems is for the software to have no license protection mechanisms at all, and hope that people are still willing to pay for what they can copy for free.


    Darnell Gawdin
    Darnell Gawdin 2020-5-1
    I've wasted more than half a day trying to install offline.
    Version 2020a just crashes when I try to run even the simplest script. I reinstalled, it downloaded everything again, this didn't work. I downloaded the software and jumped through the hoops to get the file installation number and try to install. It says it can't find files.
    So do I have to try and install it again off the net only to find its not going to work again. How much time do I have to waste trying to get this thing to work when I paid a good chunk of change for it?
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    Walter Roberson
    Walter Roberson 2021-4-25
    For at least the last 5 years, Linux systems will activate if the host ID in the license file matches any of the ethernet interfaces on the system.


    Roger Burchett
    Roger Burchett 2019-2-10
    Sure you can install and use matlab for free! You just have to be willing to be a criminal theif and steal the license from a shady torrent site that will most likely include a trojan virus along with it. Barring that, If you are a student at a graduate college, ask the school for a copy. Most of them pay for a site license that covers all of their students educational uses.

    ARIANNA CUIUS 2021-3-10
    I don't know if my problem needs a similar solution, but I can't install matlab with my academic license inside my user account of a server of my university. During the installation, it asks me for the key. I didn't have the same problem when I installed it in my personal computer. How can I resolve this problem?

    Tapio Kramer
    Tapio Kramer 2022-8-3
    编辑:Tapio Kramer 2022-8-3
    Since 2022 there is a MathWorks Packet Manager for MathWorks products on Linux.
    You can install most MathWorks products on Linux (not Windows) easily and fast - without requiring a license.
    But for sure ... you can only use them with a license.

    Albie 2017-4-18
    Hello, At the moment, I am trying to package 2016B so it can be deployed automatically via SCCM to the business. During the installation, it asks for a file Installation key. I have managed to download the software but do not have a file installation key. In the past, we have managed to package the application with all of the toolboxes, but the end user would not be able to use them unless they had the correct license file to activate.
    Was hoping that we could have a File Installation Key that allows me to install all of the toolboxes? Please Note: even though they are installed, they cannot be activated without the proper license file

    Mohammed Al-Yagoub
    Mohammed Al-Yagoub 2017-11-3
    I have followed all steps in download, install and activate procedure but the prompt still shows trail. I have downloaded the student edition 2017b

    AlexG 2018-3-18
    This process does not work for me. While running the R2017b Installer, after selecting "the 'offline' or 'Use a File Installation Key' installation method", I'm still getting the "The application could not connect to MathWorks." Any suggestions?
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    Christer Thunell
    Christer Thunell 2020-2-3
    Tip that helped me. When running the installer make sure you run it with admin rights. Right-click on the file, choose "Run as administrator" and then it runs well


    Asad Mahmood
    Asad Mahmood 2019-2-10
    I'm a student of graduation and trying to install matlab but they are saying any activation key to activate your account !!
    Is there any way to install matlab free pleae help
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    Colin Fraser
    Colin Fraser 2021-3-17
    编辑:MathWorks Support Team 2022-3-23
    Your license might require an activation key to reactivate. In that case, I would contact your license administrators for the activation key.
    If you are still experiencing this issue, please create a service request below.
    -Colin Fraser


    Hlödver Sigurdsson
    I just bought MATLAB with Home license and I need to install it in offline mode, since I'm using NixOs I can't access the interntet during installation (purely functional installation means no side effects), I can download files if I provide sha256 sums. Don't understand why home license users can't activate offline, hope I didn't waste my money.

    Priyank Raj Pathak
    Priyank Raj Pathak 2020-7-21
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    Walter Roberson
    Walter Roberson 2020-7-21
    For MATLAB itself, less than 5 gigabytes. For MATLAB with a bunch of toolboxes it can exceed 35 gigabytes.


    K.M.Sarath Chand
    K.M.Sarath Chand 2020-9-28
    hw to install the matlab without liscence with internet axcess

    Vijendra Jois
    Vijendra Jois 2021-5-27
    I need Installation key and trial liscence in order to complete my project
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    Walter Roberson
    Walter Roberson 2021-5-27
    编辑:MathWorks Support Team 2022-3-23
    Sorry, the volunteers who answer questions here do not have access to the license database, and cannot provide keys or grant trial licenses. You will need to request a trial through or contact Mathworks Sales.


    Marta G
    Marta G 2022-2-14
    编辑:Marta G 2022-2-14
    I was able to install matlab succesfully following this tutorial but after 3 months my license expired.
    In my case, I have to indicate the owner of this offline virtual machine what steps to follow when the license has expired (I do not have enough rights to do it myself), and I dont have any information about this. Do I only have to renew my license? Do I need another installation key? I would like to know what steps exactly are needed to follow.
    Ps: This tutorial is highly complicated to follow. A videotutorial would have been much simpler.
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    John Wincn
    John Wincn 2022-10-5
    Well, I personally have seen your name in here, off and on, for many years. Your comments are usually an interesting read, are quite helpful, and I hope you have found a way to continue.


    kibret 2023-3-29
    what is matlab?




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