Efficient way to solve this (nonlinear) equation?

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Hello all, I want to solve a nonlinear equation but don't know efficient way to do it in Matlab. Can anyone suggest a good way? Here is my code:
syms gamma_6
tau_6= G12*(gamma_6-20*(gamma_6)^2);
sigma_x= -tau_6/(phi+gamma_6);
I want to solve expression sigma_1=0; sigma_1 is function of gamma_6. What I can do is solve till
Then copy entire string to solve('.....=0',gamma_6) However this is not most efficient way. I tried fsolve(f,..) but problems with algorithm. Any suggestions most appreciated. Thanks!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2014-2-21
-(1/90)*pi +/- (1/180)*sqrt(4*pi^2 + 18*pi)
sigma_1 has two parts added together. When you bring them to a common denominator the expression simplifies to
((25200000 * gamma_6 - 630000)*pi + 1134000000*gamma_6^2) / (pi+90*gamma_6)^2
You want to solve for 0 so you can solve for the numerator being 0. That is a simple quadratic.


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