How do I comment out a large block of code in MATLAB?

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I want to do this in an easy way.


Doug Hull
Doug Hull 2011-1-18
编辑:MathWorks Support Team 2018-11-8
To comment out a large block of code in the Editor or Live Editor, select the code and on the "Editor" or "Live Editor" tab, click the "Comment" button. This inserts a "%" symbol in front of each selected line. Alternatively, select the code and type "Ctrl" + "R". To uncomment the selected text, click the "Uncomment" button or type "Ctrl" + "T".
You also can use the block comment operators "%{" and "%}". The "%{" and "%}" operators must appear alone on the lines that immediately precede and follow the block of help text. For example:
Stuff to be commented out
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Shapol Mohamed
Shapol Mohamed 2021-3-18
In Matlab 2020, you have to use ctrl+/ (cmd+/ for mac) to comment a block and to uncomment you have to use ctrl+t (cmd+t for mac).


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Ctrl + R comment selected lines. Ctrl + T uncomment select lines.

Wesam Rezk
Wesam Rezk 2018-3-30
Simply start with *... and write whatever you want. This will enable you to write a very long comment line
For example *... This is a very very long comment

Wick 2018-5-1
编辑:Wick 2018-5-1
Rather than comment large sections of code, I bypass them with the following syntax.
for dont_go_here = []
% code I want to skip including all nested comments, etc. can stay here unmolested
This assumes that your if, for, case, try, and switch commands within that block are all terminated properly with an 'end' Otherwise the script won't parse.


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