Basic example of cellselectioncallback

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I cannot find any basic example of cellselectioncallback in the documentation. I know that the indices represent rows and columns, but I don't know how to implement it.
I am trying to achieve something like this:
When cell in row 1, column 1 is selected, then
Editfield.Value = 10;
When cell in 2, column 1 is selected, then
Editfield.Value = 22;
etc etc. And you shouldn't be able to select more than 1 cell at a time.


Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2021-9-17
编辑:Adam Danz 2021-9-17
The solution to your goal will look something like this where uit is the handle to your uitable.
uit.CellSelectionCallback = @cellSelectionCallbackFcn;
function cellSelectionCallbackFcn(tblHandle, event)
switch event.Indices(1) % row number of selected cell
case 1
val = 10;
case 2
val = 22;
otherwise % optional
val = NaN;
Editfield.Value = val;
Or, using indexing,
function cellSelectionCallbackFcn(tblHandle, event)
vals = [10, 22];
assert(numel(vals) <= event.Indices(1), '"vals" is undefined for this row.')
Editfield.Value = vals(event.Indices(1));

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