Best MATLAB-like C++ numerical libraries ?

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Hi all, MATLAB makes linear algebra and matrix operations very easy and it is causing me pain to work in C++ ! I started with C++ and now so used to MATLAB that I wish to work with a numerical library very similar to C++, relatively painless to implement and learn. I want to do mostly linear algebra and matrix operations. I found that eigen library ( link ) is one of them. However I have no idea if there are any other MATLAB-like numerical libraries for linear algebra and matrix operations. Can anyone suggest?

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Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 2014-8-19
Any ideas?

Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2014-8-19
For C++ numerical libraries, I suggest you (also) ask in a C++ discussion forum. I do most all my programming in MATLAB so I'm not familiar with what MATLAB-like libraries there are out there for C++ programmers. Maybe someone here will know, but why not ask in a C++ forum also?


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