Input a variable into a plot title

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I've trawled through these forums and found loads on inputting variables as titles, however, none of them work for me. Im trying to change the title of a plot with respect to a parameter the user will enter in the function. First i call a string for example
str = sprintf('just an example of %d that isnt working', variable)
However only the 'just an example of' is printed out on the title of the plot, everything after and including the variable has dissapeared, this happens when i move the variable about in the title too.
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Alan Keenan
Alan Keenan 2020-5-21
The answer given by Soumitra Vadnerkar works well for me.



Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2019-5-22
With the introduction of the string array in release R2016b (and the ability to enclose text data in double quotes to create a string in release R2017a) you can also use:
f = 70;
c = (f-32)/1.8;
title("Temperature is " + c + " C")

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MathWorks Support Team
How about this, given in help documentation:
f = 70;
c = (f-32)/1.8;
title(['Temperature is ',num2str(c),' C'])

Adam 2014-9-10
title( ['just an example of ' num2str( variable ) ' that isnt working'] )
Does that work?
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Adam 2017-2-14
sprintf is definitely a neater approach. Back in 2014 I was less familiar with using sprintf so it didn't spring to mind for this!



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