Import data from CSV file by Import Tool or textscan

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I can import data from csv file by Import Tool(out type:string), and the tool could creat a script(textscan in it) to instead Import Tool. But, when I use Import Tool or script to import csv file, it lost blank line which in csv file. How to solve it? Thanks.
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kei hin
kei hin 2021-11-5
编辑:kei hin 2021-11-5
readtable lost blank line too,and variable name in csv file will be changed. It is boring.



kei hin
kei hin 2021-11-5
In the script which Import Tool created, change
delimiter = ',';
delimiter = {',','\r'};
It seems to have been solved.

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Use readmatrix() that would import all numerical data in a matrix form.




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