Disable unwanted "Interact directly with charts" popup

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I guess it's a new feature in R2021a, but it's infuritating.
If for example I type
the window as in the figure below pops up telling me how to interact directly with charts. Could somebody please tell me how to disable it forever, i.e., how to put something in startup.m so that it doesn't ever show up again? I don't know if matlab offers any other helpful hints, but I'd like to disable all of them. The answer must be obvious, but googling has not revealed anything. Thanks for any advice.
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Rik 2023-6-6
@Thomas Nichols did you try running once with desktop to see if that allows Matlab to remember you were already shown this popup? I consistently get these the first time after installing a new release, but never after that.
Thomas Nichols
Thomas Nichols 2023-6-6
Ah! That did it... simply need to launch the desktop once, open a figure, close it. And then I don't get it any more.


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