How to make a piecewise function without using syms?

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I am trying to plot the following piecewise function without using syms but it plots as a horizontal line. This is the code I'm using. The issue isn't the <=, I have tried several different combinations of them (0<=n && n<=4, 0<=n & n<=4, 0<=n<=4) and the code still does not work.
dt = .1;
n = -31:dt:31;
for ii = 1:length(n)
if 0<=n<=4
x(ii) = n(ii)./4;
elseif 4<n<8
x(ii) = 2-(n(ii)./4);
x(ii) = 0;


Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE 2021-12-15
hello Brianna
try this (using logical arrays)
n = 0:20;
x = zeros(size(n)); % cond 3 by default
% cond 1
ind1 = (0<=n & n<=4);
x(ind1) = n(ind1)/4;
% cond 2
ind2 = (4<n & n<8);
x(ind2) = 2-n(ind2)/4;

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