Statistical calculation from the plot function

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I created a plot function in an App:
like this
I would like to do statistical clculation like (Mean, root mean...etc) by using the data from the plot, how can I do that?
I would appreciate any tip, and Thanks in advance!


Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2022-1-13
If you have the variables app.Tempreture_In, etc..., why not use them to compute the statistics?
If you only have the figures in a .fig file, you can get the (x,y) values by searching for the axes children.
% Open figure
fig = gcf();
ax = gca(fig); % assuming the figure has 1 axes, otherwise, select the axes
objs = ax.Children; % object handles like lines, scatter, etc
x = objs(1).XData; % x-values for the first object
y = objs(1).YData; % y-values for the first object.
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2022-1-13
Now your goal is more clear.
This answer provides a demo that shows how a user can draw a temporary rectangle in the axes to select a range of data. It returns the (x,y) coordinates of the selected data which you can use to compute statistics.


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