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CSCh 2022-3-3
回答: CSCh ,2023-1-19
where can I find an overview about functions to be used as activation functions in NN, e.g. radbas, tanh, sigmoid, tansig.... available in Matlab.
Thank you.

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Simon Chan
Simon Chan 2022-3-3
Check this ink: MATLAB Functions

CSCh 2022-3-3
Thank you Simon,
I used the model function example below. From your link I can see some activationlayerfunction but can't derive if the "standalone" function is available. For Example I can not replace the tanh (I used in the model function) with a swish function, because it does not exists in Matlab, even there is a swishlayer. And the otherway around, there are no Transig- or radbas-layer , but the functions exits, and I can use it instead of tanh.
So I'a looking for a complete list of "Standalone" function which I can try for the model function instead of tanh.
function dlU = model(parameters,dlX,dlT)
dlXT = [dlX;dlT];
numLayers = numel(fieldnames(parameters))/2;
% First fully connect operation.
weights = parameters.fc1_Weights;
bias = parameters.fc1_Bias;
dlU = fullyconnect(dlXT,weights,bias);
% tanh and fully connect operations for remaining layers.
for i=2:numLayers
name = "fc" + i;
dlU = tanh(dlU);
weights = parameters.(name + "_Weights");
bias = parameters.(name + "_Bias");
dlU = fullyconnect(dlU, weights, bias);

CSCh 2023-1-19


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