How to plot the diagonal of a spectrum as a 2d plot?

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I have a power spectral density spectrogram with x=time, y=frequency, c=power spectral density. My plot has very high PSD values in a linear trend on it and I want to plot the frequency and time that correspond to that high PSD linear trend. How can I plot this? I used this to plot the spectrogram:
tfSpectra = zeros(nf2,totalStack);
tft = nptsGap.*dt.*(0:totalStack-1) + twin/2;
tff = 1./dt./nf.*(0:nf2-1);
for i = 1:totalStack
index = 1+(i-1)*nptsGap : (i-1)*nptsGap+nptsSegment;
fdata = mean(abs(fft(uxt(index,:),nf,1)), 2);
tfSpectra(:,i) = fdata(1:nf2);
h = colorbar;
set(get(h,'label'),'string','PSD (dB/Hz)','FontSize',14);

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