plot data on a meshgrid

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Tiziano Bagnasco
Tiziano Bagnasco 2022-5-28
回答: KSSV ,2022-5-28
Good morning everyone, I ran a simulation with SWAN (Simulating WAve Nearshore) and I am trying to plot several variables on a meshgrid.
I have two matrices: a 72x77 matrix that represents the x-coordinates of the points of the grid and a 72x77 matrix that represents the y-coordinates of the points of the grid. ( These two matrices have Na values in some locations because there are some land obstacles in the domain) With these two matrices I would like to plot the meshgrid and then plot any variable above it ( also 72x77 matrix). For example, the first variable that I would like to show is the water depth, since I want to obtain a bathymetry plot.
Thank you a lot for your help in advance.


KSSV 2022-5-28
Read about pcolor, surf

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