Trouble using split function in matlab

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BA 2022-7-22
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Having some trouble w/ my data.
The dates are showing up wrong. For example:
Obviously, i didn't collect data in 9102 and if you read it backwards, its 2019 which would be the correct date.
Does anyone know how to correct for this?
For example, how would you convert
3/9/9102 --> 3/9/2019
If someone knows, let me know. Thanks
Someone helped me and gave me this code but unfortunately, it doesn't work for multiple dates in a column. It does work for one date though to reverse the year to 2019, it just doesn't work for multiple dates
%For just a single date, it works.
date = ['3/11/9102']
date = '3/11/9102'
newdate = split(date, '/');
newdate(3) = reverse(newdate(3));
newdate = char(join(newdate, '/'))
newdate = '3/11/2019'
%For multiple dates in a column, it doesn't work.
dates = ['3/11/9102'; '3/12/9102'; '3/13/9102'; '3/14/9102'; '3/15/9102';];
splitter = split(dates,'/');
Error using split
First argument must be text.
splitter(3) = reverse(splitter(3));
dates_new = char(join(splitter,'/'));
If you have a solution, please let me know! Thanks


Akira Agata
Akira Agata 2022-7-22
How about the following?
% Example
dates = {'3/11/9102'; '3/12/9102'; '3/13/9102'; '3/14/9102'; '3/15/9102'};
% Split by '/', apply fliplr function to '9102' and concatenate
c = split(dates, '/');
c(:, 3) = cellfun(@fliplr, c(:,3), 'UniformOutput', false);
datesNew = join(c, '/');
% Show the result
{'3/11/2019'} {'3/12/2019'} {'3/13/2019'} {'3/14/2019'} {'3/15/2019'}
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BA 2022-7-22
Both work great, thanks a lot guys!


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