Fixing Zoom on Matlab

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BA 2022-9-20
回答: BA ,2022-9-20
Does anyone know how to access the zoom setting on Matlab? I'm not sure why but for some reason, my MATLAB is set to 25% zoom. I'd like to adjust it back to 100%
I have had my settings on darkmode for months and the issue of zoom just recently came up so I don't think my darkmode settings are causing it.


BA 2022-9-20
I fixed this issue by just reinstalling it.
You have to make sure that once you uninstall MATLAB, you also discard the previous settings you had. You do this by:
1) Open "finder" app
2) In the very top bar of your mac, click on "go" and then "go to folder"
3) In the search bar that pops up, type "~/Library"
4) Type "MATLAB"
5) Remove ONLY the folders that are called "MATLAB" (Don't remove anything else, these are your saved scripts and datasets so you don't want to lose those)
6) Reinstall MATLAB
The issue should now be fixed since there's no way for your settings to have saved. If you don't do this process, you'll reinstall matlab with the same settings and the issue won't be fixed.

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