Battery SOC Using voltage Method

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How to estimate the Battery State Of Charge (SOC) using Voltage method


C B 2022-12-12
To estimate the battery state of charge (SOC) using the voltage method in MATLAB, you can use the following steps:
  1. Measure the voltage of the battery at rest using a voltmeter. This is known as the open-circuit voltage (OCV) and is a good indicator of the battery's SOC.
  2. Create a look-up table or curve that relates the OCV to the SOC for your specific battery. This table can be generated by performing a discharge/charge test on the battery and measuring the OCV at various points throughout the test.
  3. In your MATLAB code, read the current OCV of the battery and use the look-up table or curve to determine the corresponding SOC.
  4. Use the SOC value in your calculations or algorithms as needed.
It's important to note that the voltage method is not the most accurate way to estimate the SOC of a battery, and other methods such as the coulomb counting method may provide more accurate results. Additionally, the accuracy of the voltage method can be affected by factors such as temperature, battery age, and discharge/charge rate.

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