Simple query: how can I remove radial axes (eliminate the "spokes") on a Compass Plot

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I've searched but can't find answer to how to remove the "spokes" (light gray radial axes) in a compass plot, such as:
Of course, I can do this in the Figure itself by going to Edit>Figure Properties>Axes etc. But it's not possible to "generate code" from within the figure (File>Generate code). When I try that, I get the mssg:
function createfigure
% Auto-generated by MATLAB on 21-Mar-2023 18:36:48
% Create figure
% polar currently does not support code generation, enter 'doc polar' for correct input syntax
% polar(...);
...and doc polar (or doc compass, for that matter) doesn't seem to say anything about removing axes.


Chris 2023-3-22
编辑:Chris 2023-3-22
I think the developers of these functions don't intend for us to be messing with the grids, or haven't gotten around to making it easy for us.
However, it can be done.
ax = gca; % Get current axes
kids = allchild(ax); % Get the lines and text and whatever else
kids will have all the stuff you'll be interested in (try entering it in the command window without the semicolon). We're looking for things that have their handle visibility set to 'off',
which is everything but the plots.
invis = strcmp(get(kids,'handleVisibility'),'off');
Now, to hide absolutely everything, you could do...
To instead only hide some things (like spokes), first find those things.
There's definitely a more elegant way to do this, but this is all I've got right now.
lineidx = find(invis & strcmp(get(kids,'Type'),'line'));
spokes = false(size(kids));
for idx = 1:numel(lineidx)
kd = kids(lineidx(idx));
if numel(kd.XData) == 2
spokes(lineidx(idx)) = true;
It looks as if, in many cases, the spokes will be found at kids(end-14:end-9), in which case you could disregard the preceding block and simply:
set(kids(end-14:end-9), 'Visible','off');
Does that help?
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Chris 2023-3-23
Glad it worked for you!
To be clear, though, "spokes" is just a variable that we defined. If you start from a clean workspace you'll have to locate them again.


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