Dropdown and another buttons not working Ubuntu 22.04.02 LTS - Matlab R2023a

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I recently installed Matlab in my machine but I have a problem with the emergent windows that add-ons open. The problem is that i cannot use the dropdown buttons option in this windows. When I click on an option the dropdown options close and nothing happens or changes state. For example, using the PID Tuner I'm trying to chage the domain, the form or type of the controller and I cannot, when I clicked on the button it displays the options but when I clicked on the option nothing happens, nothing changes. In this window the export button dropdown and the imoprt dropdown also not work.
The same things in the wireless waveform generator and the App model linearizer. It seem that with evey pop-up window there is this problem
Everithng else seems to work just fine, thanks


FannoFlow 2023-5-17
This might be related to this bug:
Try "Change the window focus mode to "click" instead of "mouse" in the settings."
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DGM 2023-5-19
This answer has links to some related threads. Some people have suggested various workarounds. Don't get your hopes too high, though.
I haven't had any luck with the "set focus mode to click" method.
If the dropdowns are like the ones in the Add-On Explorer, in my experience they do work -- it's just that they only have a ~5% chance of actually doing anything, so you have to select a menu item roughly 20 times before it randomly works. Of course, that's not a practical solution; it's just an amusing curiosity. Considering that the behavior is random, I don't expect my observations to be repeatable.
Carlos Minu
Carlos Minu 2023-5-19
Thanks, you are right, in one ocasion I was able to make it work but it was random. I apreciate the response :). And I also experience some bugs in other UI elements like the ones you're reporting in the links.


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Tommi Heikkilä
Tommi Heikkilä 2023-9-14
For me changing the window focus mode was not enough. I also had to change from default desktop environment (I assume Wayland) to Ubuntu on Xorg.
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Hans 2023-9-22
I confirm that this worked for me as well. It would be nice to have a version compatible with Wayland; x11 will disappear eventually.



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