Select a columns of a Matrix using Selector in Simulink

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I am having the following simulink model, which contain a Matrix A [3×6] of doubles, and I would like have a selector that selectes the columns of the matrix. (For instance I have a constant which has a value of 2, and then I can select A(:,2))
I have tried with the selector in Simulink, but I coudn't fix it!
I appreciate any help, and Thanks in advanvced!


Jon 2023-6-15
编辑:Jon 2023-6-15
I think this is what you are trying to do, in the example below I select the first and the third column from the 3x6 matrix :
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Jon 2023-6-15
If I understand what you are asking, if you put a value of 2 into the constant block that connects to the Idx2 port of the selector you will select just column 2, that is A(:,2). Is this what you are asking?
Note the input to the Idx2 port could also be wired to a variable that changes dynamically as your simulation progresses


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