How to perform SIL testing using S function builder block and Simulink Test Manager ?

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I want to know the full procedure of performing SIL test using S function builder block and with simulink test manager.
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MAHENDRAN A 2023-9-14
Thanks for answering. I'm already praticing SIL test harness using s function by right clicking block then creating harnes and simulating for SIL test. But I'm missing out few points. As you've mentioned, I need to understand the full step-by-step and even if its a long process, im eager to learn it, as it will be useful for my project. If you've any process flow documents, links, videos, i request you to share.


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Karanjot 2023-9-22
Hi Mahendran,
I understand that you want to perform SIL testing using S function builder and want resources on the same.
To integrate your code into a Simulink model, you can use the S-Function builder or the C caller block. The S-Function builder allows you to wrap your code as an S-Function, which can then be added to your model.
Once you have added the S-Function or C caller block to your model, you can create a Test Harness for the model. A Test Harness provides a framework for testing and validating your model's functionality. It allows you to define test cases, specify inputs, and verify outputs.
To execute the Test Harness and automate the testing process, you can configure Test Manager. Test Manager is a tool in MATLAB that helps you manage and execute tests. It provides a user-friendly interface to define and organize test cases, execute them, and analyze the results.
By following these steps, you can efficiently integrate your code into a Simulink model, create a Test Harness, and use Test Manager to automate the testing process.
To learn more about this, please refer to the below documentation:
I hope this helps!


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