VEX Companion App Error

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Joel Kirkland
Joel Kirkland2015-9-9
I’ve been going through the VEX content so that I will be able to provide help to the teams/students in our hub. I’ve been getting an error when trying to use the VEX Companion App. Both the app and the Simulink library seem to function correctly upon first installation. I’m able to use most features in the App and create& build models using the library. However, the VEX Companion app threw an error when choosing “Update Existing Model” and I was unable to activate App any longer. It gave the following error messages:
Attempt to add "app" to a static workspace.
See Variables in Nested and Anonymous Functions.
Error in supportPackageApp>@(field)eval('app.(field).figure = -1;') (line 1122)
cellfun(@(field)eval('app.(field).figure = -1;'),
Error in supportPackageApp/closeAllWindows (line 1122)
cellfun(@(field)eval('app.(field).figure = -1;'),
Error in BESTRoboticsVEXApp/openSetupExistingModelWindow (line 430)
Error in BESTRoboticsVEXApp>@(varargin)app.openSetupExistingModelWindow(varargin{:})
(line 339)
'Callback', @app.openSetupExistingModelWindow);
Error while evaluating DestroyedObject Callback
I manage to work around some MATLAB path definition issues I was also having but I don't think it's a relate error but I'm not completely sure. In case it helps, I’m using the 32 bit installation on a Windows 7 machine.

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