Function that returns index of first occurrence of largest value for each column of matrix

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I would like to write a function that returns the index of the first occurrence of the largest value in each column of a matrix. Ideally it would also have the flexibility to specify the row or the columns as the search direction, and/or could work for N-dimensional matrices.
I thought that the following would work:
function [ maxind ] = findmax( indata,k,varargin )
maxind = find(indata == max(indata),k,varargin(:));
But, when I pass a matrix into the function I get the following error:
maxind = findmax(indata,1,'first')
Undefined function 'find' for input arguments of type 'cell'.
Error in findmax (line 6)
maxind = find(indata == max(indata),k,varargin(:));


Cedric Wannaz
Cedric Wannaz 2015-9-11
编辑:Cedric Wannaz 2015-9-11
Another solution, almost trivial, is just to use the second output of MAX, which is the index of the first occurrence, and to flip along dim if there is a 3rd input arg. not starting with 'f'.
function maxInds = findMax( A, dim, direction )
if nargin < 2
dim = 1 ;
if nargin < 3
direction = 'f' ;
if direction(1) == 'f'
[~, maxInds] = max( A, [], dim ) ;
[~, maxInds] = max( flip( A, dim ), [], dim ) ;
maxInds = size( A, dim ) + 1 - maxInds ;

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