How to put latex in Xtick label? (Matlab 2015b)

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How can I have latex \mu and \mu_2 on the dotted lines Xtick? No other Xtick is necessary.
clear all;
x=linspace(mu-4*sigma, mu+4*sigma, 10000);
x2=linspace(mu2-4*sigma, mu2+4*sigma, 10000);
m_x = [mu mu2];
m_y = [0 0];
set(gcf,'units','inches','renderer', 'painters');
pos = get(gcf,'pos');
'Position',[pos(1) pos(2) 3.5 2]);plot(x, normpdf (x,mu,sigma),'blue');
hold all;
plot(x2, normpdf (x2,mu2,sigma),'green');
plot(m_x, m_y,'red','LineWidth',3);
line([SP SP],yL,'color','k','LineStyle',':');
line([SP2 SP2],yL,'color','k','LineStyle',':');
hold off


Star Strider
Star Strider 2016-1-10
I don’t see where you’re defining them, but to invoke the LaTeX interpreter, use the name-value pair 'Interpreter','latex' in whatever call you want to use it in.
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Star Strider
Star Strider 2016-1-11
I’ve not ever attempted multi-line tick labels, so I would have to experiment as well. Reverting to the text function (the typical approach prior to R2014b) to do what you want seems the best option.
I am somewhat surprised that LaTeX doesn’t offer a way to do multi-line labels, since TeX is a subset of LaTeX, and LaTeX is usually more powerful.
You’ve raised a number of significant issues in your post and explained them thoroughly, so I suggest you bring it to the attention of MathWorks Tech Support. Choose the ‘bug report or enhancement request’ option, and include a link to this thread with an introductory explanation. Have MATLAB open and run ver in the Command Window first.
Marc B
Marc B 2016-11-15
编辑:Marc B 2016-11-15
If you want to have multiple lines in your TickLabels, you must put everything in a \parbox environment:
ax.XTickLabel={'\parbox{4em}{line \#1 \\ line \#2}'};
This produces the following output:
I have not managed to get LaTeX colors working. It only seems to be working in TeX:
The output of this is:


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