How to convert a matrix of cell to type double.

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Hello Friends,
I have a cell matrix X of size NxD as follows:
X = [5.1000] [3.5000] [1.4000] [0.2000] 'sunday'
[4.9000] [ 3] [1.4000] [0.2000] 'sunday'
[4.7000] [3.2000] [1.3000] [0.2000] 'monday'
[4.6000] [3.1000] [1.5000] [0.2000] 'tuesday'
[ 5] [3.6000] [1.4000] [0.2000] 'tuesday'
[5.4000] [3.9000] [1.7000] [0.4000] 'sunday'
I want to convert it to type double. The last labeled column could be either type 'text' or 'numeric'.
I will appreciate any advise!


James Tursa
James Tursa 2016-7-2
if( isnumeric(X{1,end}) )
result = cell2mat(X);
result = cell2mat(X(:,1:end-1));
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hello_world 2016-7-2
This converts cell to double only to the numeric value, but discards the labeled string column in the cell. So this code is incomplete.
James Tursa
James Tursa 2016-7-5
How do you want the text in the last column converted to double?


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