How to edit MATLAB file kmeans.m?

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hello_world 2016-8-8
编辑: Stephen23 ,2016-8-9
Hello Friends,
I want to edit kmeans.m but it does not allow me to make any changes. I tried 'fileattrib' to make it writable file by
fileattrib('kmeans.m', '+w');
but even this does not work. I also tried to give the full path as follows:
Error using fileattrib
Operation not permitted
I will appreciate any advise.
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Stephen23 2016-8-9
编辑:Stephen23 2016-8-9
Do NOT edit or change any MATLAB toolbox files.
This has two very significant risks:
  1. introducing bugs, which then cannot be reverted because you have changed the original file and you no longer have an original version.
  2. changing function behavior and outputs: other functions may depend on the one that you edit. Will they still work correctly ? How do you know ?
If you want to write some code based on a MATLAB toolbox file, always copy it to your user directory and work with that copy only. Never replace the original files.


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the cyclist
the cyclist 2016-8-8
I would strongly advise against directly editing a read-only MATLAB file.
Instead copy it to your own directory, and edit your own file ...
copyfile /Applications/ ./my_kmeans.m
It will still be read-only, but after make changes and try to save, you will be given an option to overwrite.
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hello_world 2016-8-9
Thanks for this reply. I already knew this option but this does not help me because I want to call Davies-Bouldin Criterion using kmeans clustering. In order to do so, I must change other MATLAB files and save them in a different directory. I tried to change some of them, but there are some which I could not change because it gives error. I do not know why.
Adam 2016-8-9
You would have to copy them in that case. Matlab toolbox files are not meant to be messed around with and edited.



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