How to optimize k*x <= epsilon?

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hello_world 2016-8-12
编辑: Torsten ,2016-8-12
Hello Friends,
I want to optimize, i.e., find the optimal value of k in the following problem:
max k*x <= epsilon
How to find the maximum value of k for a given matrix x and some epsilon, say, 0.1?
I will appreciate any advise!


Torsten 2016-8-12
编辑:Torsten 2016-8-12
Please state your problem more clearly.
k is a scalar and epsilon is a matrix with all elements equal to Epsilon, and you want to determine the maximum value of k such that k*x <= epsilon holds elementwise ?
In this case, the optimum k_opt is given by
k_opt = epsilon/max(x(:))
Best wishes

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