Plotting with peaksOutputFcn function in optimization probblem.

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Hello Friends,
I tried peaksOutputFcn.m file which calls peaksObj.m file. Eventhough it is a very useful function to visualize output results, it is giving me error due to dimensionality mismatch.
The function I am optimizing using "patternsearch" takes input initial point value to be a vector of size N X 1, while peakObj.m requires it to be of size m x 2 or n x 2, as said in its description.
Is there any way to overcome this problem? It will be very useful for demonstrating my output results.
The above figure is just for illustration purpose. I want to obtain this figure for my data of size n x m.
In order to obtain above figure, I forced my initial point to be n x 2 vector but in fact it should be of any n x m size. And even in this figure, I see that initial and final point is the same after optimization, and my optimization results is 0.0000 (you can not probably see it as it is very small text on top of the figure, but it is 0.0000). When I solve my optimization problem without plotting this figure, my initial and final points are not the same (they should not be after optimization).
I will appreciate any advise!

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