Replace values in a matrix below 1% and above 99%

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I have a big Matrix. In the Matrix I have a lot of values but also some NaN. Now £I want to replace all values that are below 1% percentil with the corresponding value of the 1% percentil. In a next step I want to replace all values above the 99% percentil with the value at the 99% percentil.
An example: If we take all numbers in the Matrix and the 1% percentil is 2, then I want to replace all values below 2 with 2.
Thank you for your help.


Adam 2017-2-8
编辑:Adam 2017-2-8
lowPercentileVal = prctile( myMatrix(:), 1 );
myMatrix( myMatrix < lowPercentileVal ) = lowPercentileVal;
highPercentileVal = prctile( myMatrix(:), 99 );
myMatrix( myMatrix > highPercentileVal ) = highPercentileVal;

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