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Glide wheel-AS for EV3

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saman zahiri rad
saman zahiri rad on 21 May 2017
This my issue:
When I couldn't find "Glide wheel RX and motor control", I choosed "glide wheel AS" for detected angle's of PF Motor. But this sensor has only one cable which can connect to EV3. Then I had problem for connect "PF motor xl" to EV3, so I made cable for connection to EV3, according this website
My problem is: I could not detect angle of PF motor with the Glide wheel AS. And the EV3 can deteced this sensor only Port 1 & 2 & 3 & 4. Then i cannot used this sensor as encoder in simulink (port encoder is A ...D).
Could it possible to give me idea to solve this problem? Saman


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