matrix is close to singular or badly scaled, what do you interpret by this error.

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I am using MatLab solver 'fmincon' for an optimization problem. Everything seems to be working good except I got one error warning:
matrix is close to singular or badly scaled. Results may be inaccurate.
RCOND = 1.722247e-17.
My objective function is following:
objective = 0.5*sum(log(sigma2(ind))) + 0.5*(y-yhat)*(S\(y-yhat)');
where S is the matrix with singularity problems. My question is that how do I interpret the final solution If I got this warning. Should I discard this solution or keep it? What are probable solution for improving this situation. I have tried the suggestions on other questions such as using backslash instead of 'inv'. But nothing seems to work.

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