How to copy figure settings using the drop down menus in Figure?

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I have carefully edited a complex figure using the drop down menu in the Figure panel, Edit/Figure Properties and Edit/Axes Properties:
How can I use the Edit dropdown menu now to Save these settings and apply them to other figures? The instructions on the relevant Mathworks webpage ( didn't work for me. Has anyone used the "export" and "save" functions on one figure and got them to export and apply to another figure?
Any help would be appreciated!


Michael L
Michael L 2017-8-3
File > Generate Code
That should do the trick for you!
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Stephen 2017-8-4
OK, I finally resolved the problem. I was trying to clone a ribbon plot that had >150 "ribbons" (X Y Z data) and thus was getting hundreds of comment lines and instructions on how to handle each separate "ribbon". By scrolling to the end, I found the key lines of the script:
set(axes, yada yada yada...)
and was able to copy/paste that on to my original script to get what I needed.


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