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I have s function and I want to build this function and deploy it into an hardware (which is a parrot/drone for this case). But when i tried to build the s function block it asks me for .tlc file. I am just wondering if there is any other way I can build the file without creating .tlc file. Can one use embedded coder and by pass this problem??? I am kind of new for simulink and code generation.


Julia Antoniou
Julia Antoniou 2017-9-6
Hi Kidus,
Generating code for a model that has an S-function does require you to provide a TLC file. When a model is built, it assumes the generated code will be used in a MATLAB-free environment. Under that assumption, the coder needs to know how it can inline the code of your S-function in the generated C code. An S-function TLC file tells the coder how to do this.
There are many resources within the MATLAB documentation that can guide you on how to write TLC files for S-functions. I would recommend starting with this documentation page to learn more about inlining S-functions:
Another documentation page that would be helpful is this tutorial on creating TLC files for S-function blocks and generating code.

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