How to receive data using UDP?

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I am working on a project and want to use UDP protocol to transfer data from one simulink model to another. For now I want to try to see how to transfer a constant number using udp sender/receiver. Can anyone guide me through the steps needed to achieve this either on the same computer or on two different computers? I appreciate if one can describe for me the step by step procedure to transfer data using udp from one simulink model to another either on the same computer or two different computer.


Suze Zhang
Suze Zhang 2017-10-9
Hi Kidus,
For transferring data over the UDP network using Simulink, it can be done on the same computer (even the same Simulink model) or on different machines.
Here is a link to an example on transferring data on the same computer:
Here is another example on target to host transmission using UDP with Simulink Real-Time:
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Rashi Mehrotra
Rashi Mehrotra 2021-8-9
Kidus, how did you figure out, I am getting the same error.


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