Fortran run-time error (2010b, 64bit, win7)

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I can mex the c file by your code without no error. However, the matlab crashes when I use the file to run, it gives me the dialogue window: Intel(r) Visual Fortran run-time error forrtl:severe(38): error during write, unit -1, file CONOUT$ Stack trace terminated abnormally.
The error diaglogue just close matlab and nothing I can do. Any suggestions? Is is possible that I use the code written in the earlier version or different platform of matlab? Thanks so much!
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James Tursa
James Tursa 2012-5-7
I'll take another look to see if I can find something else that might be 64-bit dependent.
MENG 2012-5-7
Hi James, first thank you for your answering my question at
In fact, the current question is introduced by the question at the above link.


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