Downlaoding data from a webpage

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I want to save the data shown on USGS webpage: USGS data using Matlab. I am using MatLab 2014a; therefore, I have to use 'urlwrite' function. When I use it, I get the HTML content, not the data in txt format. Any suggestions on how do I download the data that is available on the link? I used the following code:
outfilename = urlwrite(url,filename);
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Rik 2018-1-27
I tested this code on R2012b and I'm getting an error with the https ("Error downloading URL. Your network connection may be down or your proxy settings improperly configured."), and the html you describe when I switch to http.
Have you tried saving a capture to the Wayback Machine? That sometimes solve http/https errors for me. You can try out this FEX submission.
Abhinav 2018-1-27
Okay, I will try to work it out using your suggestion. Thanks!



Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2018-1-28
Remove the trailing '/' in your URL.

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