How to solve "Unable to acquire handle to MATLAB function 'saeroclockpacer' "error?

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I was trying to run Simulation Pace block but when I ever tried that I would get an error saying "Unable to acquire handle to MATLAB function 'saeroclockpacer'". How can I solve this?

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Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon 2018-4-10
The error may be related the file containing the implementation of the function in the error message being missing, or a licensing issue. To check if the file is missing, try running the following in the MATLAB Command Window
>> which -all saeroclockpacer
This command should return the full path for the file.
To make sure the license is valid, run the following command in the MATLAB Command Window
>> license checkout Aerospace_Blockset
If the above does not return 1, there is a licensing issue

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