Please tell me that In GWO coding where we can found the Objective function and what is that objective function????I want to use the GWO for that i have to change the objective function so please tell me that....

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This is the matlab coding of GWO.


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2018-8-23
The objective function is not in that code. You have to pass the objective function as the last parameter.

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Sarmed Wahab
Sarmed Wahab 2022-9-22
I am answering only the 2nd part of the question that what is objective function as I also struggled with it.
It is a function that we want to optimize,based on the requirements this optimization can be either minimization or maximization. Simple example of objective function can be some specific equation for which you want to find the roots that results in the lowest value possible.
Another example can be reducing MSE, MAE using these metaheuristic algorithms.
A practical example can be that if you want to make a table having minimum wieght within constraints or limits for width and height of 2ft and 7ft. The algorithm will try to minimize the objective function to give you a table with minimum weight within dimensions defined by us as constraints or boundaries.
The last example was described by SyedMirjalali


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