Sir I found error when I am using these codes. Codes are shown in the figure......

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In this the problem is occuring is matrix dimension is not satisfied.....So how I do properly???


Guillaume 2018-10-2
All these squigly lines and orange marks in your screenshot is matlab telling you that there may be problems with your code. You should follow the advice that the editor give you and endeavour to have no warning.
With regards to your error, all we can say is that x is not a vector with 2 column, so when it's transposed it's not a vector with 2 rows and thus does not have the same number of rows as aS(:, j). Since only you know what x is, we can't tell you how to fix it, particularly since the only thing you've provided is pictures of the code, not the actual code itself. I would recommend you learn how to debug your code. Step through the code and check that it actually does what you meant it to do by looking at the state of the variables.
Note that if it's not your code and that it was written on matlab R2016b or later, it's possible that the offending line use implicit expansion, in which case
bs(j) = sum(bsxfun(@minus, x', as(:, j)) .^ 6);
may fix the error. If that is the case, you will most likely encounter the same problem in many more places.

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