How to pass a variable from one GUI to other GUI

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I am writing code in which I have multiple GUI interlinked with each other. I want a variable data from GUI1 to be used in GUI2. It is basically GMM data from GUI1 that i need to transfer to GUI2. In GUI1 : I have this data.. [d]=gmm_estimate(v (:,no_coeff)',No_of_Gaussians, No_of_iterations);
this generates matrix of coefficients I want this data to used in GUI2.. I want these coefficients to compare with the coefficients of GUI2 How do I call or transfer this data to GUI2?


Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2018-10-4
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mohanish 2018-10-18
Alright! I got it! I read some documents and figured it out. I am successful in passing the data to my other Gui. Thank you so much for your help Sir!


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Stephen23 2018-10-18
编辑:Stephen23 2018-10-18
In GUI1, where d is the data that you want to transfer:
d = getappdata(0,'mydata');
This might not work for MATLAB versions from R2014b.


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