Output formatting for symsum script

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John 2018-12-21
回答: madhan ravi ,2018-12-21
I'm running the following symsum script:
clear all;
syms n j
S3 = symsum((2-sqrt(3))^(j-2)+(2-sqrt(3))^(n+2-j)+(2-sqrt(3))^j+(2-sqrt(3))^(n-j), j, 2, n)
The output I get is:
S3 =
(5434655273855712934344302876729*(603367941593515/2251799813685248)^n*(2251799813685248/603367941593515)^n)/3711938582448988931733044854784 - (10869310547711425868688605753458*(603367941593515/2251799813685248)^n)/994610945521133345896277911495 + 5434655273855712934344302876729/3711938582448988931733044854784
I suppose that some of the terms in the solution involve (2-sqrt(3))^n. Is there a way to have the output represented in this fashion?

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi 2018-12-21
rewrite(S3,'sqrt') % usually this should work but it's not here


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