Symsum not making the calculation

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John 2018-12-21
回答: madhan ravi ,2018-12-21
I'm running the following symsum script:
clear all;
syms n k
S3 = symsum(((2-sqrt(3))^(k-2)+(2-sqrt(3))^(n+2-k)+(2-sqrt(3))^k+(2-sqrt(3))^(n-k))^2, k, 2, n)
But it's not doing the calculation. The output I get is:
S3 =
symsum(((603367941593515/2251799813685248)^k + (603367941593515/2251799813685248)^(n - k) + (603367941593515/2251799813685248)^(n - k + 2) + (603367941593515/2251799813685248)^(k - 2))^2, k, 2, n)
Any ideas on what may be wrong?

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi 2018-12-21
n=10000; % make n and k numerical
S3 = cumsum(((2-sqrt(3))^(k-2)+(2-sqrt(3))^(n+2-k)+(2-sqrt(3))^k+(2-sqrt(3))^(n-k))^2)


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